Quickly Identify New Sales Opportunities

Turn Your Anonymous Website Traffic Into Engaged Prospects!

Stealth PiXL identifies anonymous website visitors and deploys a breakthrough retargeting campaign to engage prospects faster!

Stealth PiXL Data Capture

Harness Stealth PIXL's innovative technology to supercharge your engagement! Our advanced intelligence detection system enables you to acquire insightful website visitor data, which can be used for powerful retargeting strategies - elevating engagement levels higher than ever before.

It's that simple...

Nurture To Boost More Engagement

Our Stealth PIXL system is the perfect addition to your website - unlock powerful retargeting capabilities with no manual data entry required! Gain unique insight into visitor profiles, helping you better target users while they browse.

  • Boost engagement up to 50%

  • Over 600 million data records and growing

  • Fully compliant (GDPR - CAN-SPAM, CCPA)

  • Over 20 Public Companies have vetted the technology

Stealth PiXL Result...

With Stealth PiXL, you can make the most of your marketing budget and reap maximum returns. Over 90% of due-diligence is online - capture a prospects interest while it's high!


What is the Stealth PiXL?

The Stealth PiXL can pull data from anonymous visitors on your website or landing page to deliver names, addresses, emails, and more without them ever filling out a form.

How does StealthPiXL work?

Place a snippet of our Stealth PiXL code on your website. When a consumer visits the site, Stealth PiXL fires and immediately collects 12 elements of information from the visitor's device. All the data collected by Stealth PiXL is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The 12 elements collected are then matched against our expansive identity database. The entire process occurs in near-real time.

How do I obtain the Stealth PiXL data?

The matching data points are posted to our Stealth PiXL Dashboard every day for you to access, or if you prefer, we can output the data, and you can utilize it in any API you use. Our team will set this up for you during the onboarding process.

Is the Stealth PiXL compliant?

The Stealth PiXL is GDPR and CCPA compliant. All data is first party data and allows you to use the data in your marketing campaigns.

How can I use the Stealth PiXL data to grow my business?

By utilizing Stealth PiXL data, companies have the advantage of forming three personalized touch points with their website visitors. Our advanced system is designed to send out direct mail postcards and add customers into automated workflows - all performed automatically for maximum efficiency! What's more, our predictive modeling capabilities guarantee optimal targeting and retargeting campaigns that are sure to win over any customer you encounter in your buying process.

How quickly can I get setup?

We understand that time is of the essence: let us do all the hard work; our software is fully managed so you can launch your campaigns quickly and efficiently. With our managed service, we'll have you onboarded and running campaigns in less than three days. Did I mention it's fully managed, so you are set up to succeed?

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